Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Along for the ride.

I have said several times that things fell into place so easily for this move that at times it seems we were just along for the ride. Sometimes I wonder at how things have happened. If Mike hadn't stopped at the ranch he did we wouldn't have found our place. If we wouldn't have had a buyer for our house we couldn't have left. And so on....
     The miraculous keep coming happening the most unusual way. Here are a few examples.
The laundry, well first it was a dog kennel with block walls. When we saw it we didn't think that the block walls wouldn't be so hard to take down. They were laid straight up and with no staggered joints it sounded easy. Well it was not so easy. There were false walls between the block that were glued to the real wall. The block walls were filled with cement and rebar but they were not fastened to the floor. Mike broke the first row loose and we slid it to the doorway and dropped it thru the door. Then Mike broke it up with a sledge hammer on the patio. That worked for all of the first wall but the second was 2 blocks higher and we couldn't move it. We gave up for the day and waited for an inspiration. We went back at it and managed to rotate it enough to make the doorway. Broke the door sill in the process but we had replaced the front door and had the extra sill so that wasn't so bad. We managed to get the other parts of the wall down and the last wall was able to be dropped right on the floor inside to be broken up. Of course this was the day it was 102 here. Now I am sure you are wondering what was so miraculous about this......... You see the walls had to come out to make room for the freezer and the washer and dryer. Mike thought he would have to run water and drain lines for the washer. When he took out the false wall in the second kennel there were water lines and a drain in the perfect position for the washer. Couldn't have placed them better if we had tried.

Another thing happened today. From all of our demolition around here there was a load of metal scrap that we took into recycling this morning. Then we were going to stop by the ReStore to pick up a single and a double bowl sink for the shop. Then we would have had to put a counter top in to mount them in. Well Mike pulled the wrong way on the scale and when I looked out the front window of the truck there sat a beautiful commercial 3 bowl stainless steel sink. Mike asked about it and was able to buy it. It needed cut down to fit where it is supposed to go and the end had some odd shaped cuts in it so we dropped it off at the metal shop in town and he is putting legs on it and cutting off the end and adding a splash guard for me. So many things had to happen at exactly the right time in order for us to end up with this sink and they just fell in place. The best part is I get to say how long the legs are and can make them short enough so I can reach the bottom of the sink. LOL

Speaking of the metal shop. They are a great bunch of guys and one day when we were there the owner said "hey if you guys are looking to buy a smoker we build them." Well they are building us a smoker, of better quality and cheaper then I could buy one and have it shipped.

Lots of little things like that have happened and it is almost as if Someone is saying "Yes, this is what I have planned for you." Sometimes I think we are just along for the ride, and what a beautiful ride it is.

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