Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Emily's car and the boat that flew.

The Car:

Emily got a car to take back to PA and use for collage. We were able to find a 2001 Ford Focus that was in perfect condition. It looked like brand new and ran like a charm. Mike teased her that it couldn't be her car because it didn't have any dents in it. We brought it home on Saturday and she drove it for 2 days then Tuesday night we had a storm coming up. I was inside the front door hanging coat hooks on the wall and saw something fly past the window. It was the old door that we had replaced and it was laying up against the house. Right behind it was Mike's boat sailing thru the air and down over the back of her car. The boat was sitting right side up in the yard and the wind was so hard it picked it up and smashed it into her car.
The Boat:

The Damage:

Her new headlight is ordered and Mike can fix the dented fender. I was really surprised that this was all that happened to it. It didn't even hit the mirror. We now know that everything must be tied down or indoors when the wind comes up. Oh and the boat is fine.

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