Friday, July 15, 2011

The predicaments

We have had a few predicaments that have really made us wonder since we got here.
The first one happened when we went to close on our house. We couldn't get a certified check before we left because the bank wouldn't give us one until the check for our house we sold in PA cleared. We closed at 10 AM in Great Falls and didn't have time to open our checking account here before we left. We had arrived on Sunday and Monday was a holiday so we couldn't do anything until Tuesday morning. We went to the Insurance Office at 8 and got our proof of insurance that we needed to close and then to the Post Office to get our PO box for our address that we also needed. We went to close hoping they would take a personal check because we had no other option.
They, of course, needed a certified check or we could wire the money. We called the bank to wire the money and they wouldn't wire the money unless we came in person. So there we sat with no way to get the money in PA into the agents hands in Montana. I called our branch and talked with the teller that we always dealt with and she said that she would do the certified check and overnight it to the agency. They went ahead with our closing with no money in hand, just the word of the teller that she would overnight the money. We were very grateful to say the least.
Our second predicament we are still in the middle of at the moment. You see Montana is determined not to give drivers licences to illegal aliens, and for that I applaud them. However we must now prove that we are US citizens in order to get our licences. We need our birth certificates. Both of them burnt in our house fire in 2003 and we never replaced them for some reason. So I go online and order copies of them. PA will not send them without a valid MT ID, or proof that we have been here for 2 months because we have a post office box, even though they are being shipped FedEx to our physical address. So now we are supposed to have our MT drivers licence within 60 days after moving but we cannot get the paperwork we need to get them until we have been here for 2 months. To top it off we have the Jeep that has no licence and gets a lot better gas mileage then Mike's truck, sitting in the yard because we do not have MT licence to get it titled in MT.
I decided that I would just go get a MT ID card to get our birth certificates sent. Went down today to do that and they told me that by doing that I was canceling my PA drivers licence and when I went to get a MT drivers licence I would have to get a permit and take all the tests over again. AGGGGHHHH!!!!! I didn't do it!!!!
We decided to see if we could get a temporary tag for the Jeep since we have PA drivers licence. Went to the court house and finally something went our way. MT allows you to title a vehicle in MT without a MT drivers licence. So our Jeep is now legal. but in 6 weeks we will not be.
I am so confused. I have  proof of residency that Montana accepts but PA won't accept it to send me the proof of citizenship that I need for Montana. No wonder I have a headache.

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