Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some pics from our walk tonight

Kaylin flew into Great Falls today to drive home with Emily. They are heading out on their great road trip on Saturday morning. So we went for a long walk tonight around town. I should have taken a picture of the guy riding in the back of a pickup with his dog that must have passed us 10 times. I think he was just enjoying the view. And I don't think it was the landscape he was looking at. LOL 
Here are some pictures from our walk tonight. Till my battery went dead.:)

Looking upriver

 Metal Art by Misouri River Breaks Center

Looking Down River to the Rt 80 bridge.

Mahlon, Remember these from Utah. It is a western thing not just a Utah thing. They put the initials of the school on the side of the mountains. 

Some views on the river walk pathway.

Shep: Ever faithful

The original fire station now an information center and public restrooms. There are 2 public restrooms in town. Makes it nice when you are on a walk. :)

Looking upriver from the bridge. There were some folks running Jet Skis in the river tonight. 

The walkway through the main part of town.

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