Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some things are different here.

For starters, all the law enforcement drive either 4x4 beasts or sports cars. Probably because you need a 4x4 to get some places and the speed limit is 70 and people pass you like you are standing still when you are going the speed limit. Of course when there is an accident it is usually fatal.

No one looks their age, or acts it either. It is nothing to see 80 year olds riding a bike or any number of activities usually reserved for younger folks. Our neighbors are good examples of that. They are 78 and 79 and she rides her bike into town every day with a backpack to pick up the mail and anything else she needs. Oh and it isn't flat into town either! He is always out working on something. They are wonderful folks and she makes us laugh. Scared Mike a little bit the other day when she told him that instead of borrowing a cup of sugar she just might raid the pantry. LOL

Most people are very friendly. They stop to say hi when you pass them on the street and always have a nice word to say. We had a rancher from 20 miles north that came into town and heard about us. He stopped into to see if we needed anything and to introduce him self. Told us if we needed anything to give him a call. I told him I just needed a bunch of manure, he thought I was crazy until I explained I needed it for my garden. Told me as soon as they are done putting up hay he will call us to go get some or bring me some down.

We also found out that the wind is wild. The nights get cool and the deer and antelope like to play all day. They are always out in the fields.

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