Thursday, July 14, 2011

Spot's eyes

On the way out I noticed that one of Spot's eyes was cloudy and it wasn't dilating properly. Once we got here and were able to check him out properly we realized he is blind in his right eye. Don't know how long he has been that way because we never noticed it before and he acts normal. He runs into stuff all the time and I just thought he was crazy but he really can't see on his right side. Now I understand why he would flip out sometimes when something would come up on that side of him.
He loves it here where he has a fenced in area out the back door that he can come and go as he pleases. We have been going for a walk in the evenings and both dogs really enjoy it. We didn't go on Sunday night and Spot decided to take himself. He trotted off down the road just like he does every other night. It has stormed for the last 2 evenings and they are not happy they haven't had their walks. Jet goes to the leashes and begs to go for a walk but I don't want to walk in the pouring rain.
Our first walk we saw 2 mule deer running around the town. They kept crossing the streets and running down them. We usually see them on the other side of the river, but that night they were on this side. Mike also saw one yesterday morning in the field across form our house. There is a big wooden fence around where I am going to put my garden and I think that will be staying. LOL

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