Saturday, July 30, 2011

Time traveling

Some times I am not sure which direction I am time traveling. See it is like this. The hardware store sells guns, furniture and appliances along with everything a hardware should have on inventory. The pharmacy sells yarn, fabric and all kinds of things along with the regular pharmacy items. The convenience  stores/ gas stations have farm clothes and supplies, heater hoses,  belts and anything else related to automotive or tractors. Kind of like stepping back in time.

Then last night we were invited up to a gathering at our realtor's  house. We met a couple that just bought a ranch north of us a ways. They were telling us that they only get mail 3 days a week. She said that her neighbors told her that in the winter they only get mail every 2 weeks. She said she didn't understand how people paid their bills because by the time you got them and sent them they would be overdue. Everyone laughed and said "By internet of course." I said "What? How, if they are that far out?" They said "Well everyone has fiber optic internet." I was shocked. There are miles and miles of no one and they run fiber optic all over the place, while back in PA we fought like crazy just to get DSL. Oh, and everyone does everything over the internet. Our neighbor is 78 years old and she does everything online. Amazing!!!! I know a lot of people a lot younger then her that don't even know how the internet works. And she isn't alone there are a lot like her here.

On one hand this feels like an old town from a time long ago and on the other hand they are more up to date then some places in the east. Gotta love it!!!

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