Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Sunday and Monday we went to Yellowstone. This was our third trip to Yellowstone and I must say I never cease to be amazed. Didn't take a lot of pictures but here are some.
This is the arch at the north entrance to the park.
 We did see big horn sheep this time and hadn't seen them before.

 Beautiful waterfalls.


 And Buffalo. I didn't take pictures of all the stupid people. You would be amazed how many people just don't realize that these animals are not a petting zoo. They get too close and are just plain stupid.

One thing about Yellowstone is there is no way to capture it on film. Not really. You can capture parts of it, but not the total feeling of being so small in all of that wonder of creation.

Took some fun time.

Jed and Nicole came out to visit for 2 weeks and brought Austin out. We worked on the shop and got walls up and lights moved and some other stuff done. Then we played.

We went to the First people's buffalo jump state park and spent the day on Saturday. This is a place that the Indians used to run the buffalo over the edge of the cliffs to kill them before they had horses to hunt them down. There were hundreds of prairie dogs on the top and the view was awesome.

They say there are 30 to 40 feet of bones at the bottom cliffs.

The Rocky Mountain Front was a little hard to see that day because there was a lot of smoke from the fire on the other side. 

I guess if herds of buffalo ran over this rock and it didn't fall then a few people wouldn't knock it down.

The other side of the cliffs

 Then we went down to the interpretive center for a tee pee demonstration.

 Jed and Austin pulled all the stakes and took off the canvas.

Then Gavin unwrapped the rope holding all the poles together.

They spread the tee pee out and then it needed to be put back up.
They put the poles back up while Nicole wrapped the rope. 
Austin staked the rope down in the middle.

And they put the canvas back on.
There is just something about a tee pee on the open prairie.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The effect of time.

As hard as it was to leave our family and friends in PA. The one thing that really stands out is the difference a few years makes. Ok, a lot of years. LOL

Had we done this 150 years ago in 1861:
The country was just entering the civil war. Most of the folks we would have left behind would have played some part in that war.
We would have been traveling by wagon as there was no rail service anywhere near. Maybe by steam boat part of the way. It would have taken us 4-6 months to get here.
We would have left our family and friends never expecting to see any of them again.
Any communication would have been by mail and very slow. We would not have had even pictures of our grandkids.

100 years ago would have been a little better but not a lot. We could have taken a train to get here in about 2 weeks.
Rail travel would have made it possible to be able to travel back to see our family once in a while.
Communication would have been by telegram so we would at least have known about the birth of a grand child before they could walk. Mail was a little more reliable and we would have had some pictures of our family

50 years ago we would have traveled by car. Not a lot of hotels or campgrounds and it would have taken about a week or more to make the trip.
Traveling back to see family would have been possible and mailing pictures and information would have been common place. We may have even been able to talk to our families on the phone.

Now it took us 4 days to get here and that was a lot of stopping and visiting on the way.
We can fly back to see our family in about 12 hours.
We can e-mail pictures in a few seconds, text each other and send a video text to see our family. We can talk to them anytime thanks to cell phones. I can instant message them online and if I ever get a webcam be able to talk to and see them instantly. I can post on here and keep everybody that we know up to date on what is happening.

What a difference a few years make.

Montana the beautiful

On the way to Great Falls and back the words of America the beautiful run through my mind. I know  that Katharine Lee Bates wrote those words about her trip to Colorado but they seem so fitting.
Here is why:
 Spacious skies and amber waves of grain.

Purple mountain majesties.

Above a fruited plain.

All of those fruited plains need harvesting right now and this was what we passed on our way home from Great Falls today. 3 combines moving from one field to another. 

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Starting to stress

Ok, so it has been a month and a half since I have actually deposited money in the bank instead of drawing it all out. I payed bills this week and that was a little weird because I usually pay bills after I get paid well I had no check. This is a little strange!!! I have been trying to console myself that there is an end to this madness and I will get used to this but it hasn't been working. Then I went and made our biggest purchase today. Now I am really stressed.We have as much money in the bank as we are supposed to have at this point but I have been going back over the numbers and driving myself crazy. (Like what is the very minimum that we need to process to meet all the bills) Everyone tells me not to worry that we will be fine, and my brain knows that. Just can't help it........ I will feel so much better when we are up and running.

Need to get used to paying all the bills at one time too. That is just weird, I am used to paying 1/2 at the beginning of the month and half in the middle. Really makes you think when you pay it all out at once. That may be easier in the long run but my mind is having a hard time doing that, after years of doing it the other way.

So yes I am stressing, most of it is self induced from my habits but it is still stress.

So I stress and I clean. Well with just me and Mike there isn't much to clean, laundry is all done, dusting is done, floors are spotless, Closets are organized. I have nothing left to clean!!!! I even cleaned the top of the fridge and freezer and they were clean when I started!!!

I think I need to go plant something that will make me feel better and goodness knows I have a lot to plant. LOL some of my trees are budding in my pantry.

As soon as my computer stuff gets straightened out, I will have some work to do on databases and that should help calm me down.

Then next week Austin will get here and Jed and Nichole for a while, and then Denise and the girls will be here. We will be busy and I will have a lot of cooking to do and that should help my mind. Then the shop should be open the week after. You would think that would cause me stress but that will be wonderful!!!!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Equipment started arriving today!!!

The first 2 pieces of equipment came today. Mike was so excited, we had to get them out and make sure they worked and everything was there.
Yes he loves the saw!!!!

More equipment coming in the next couple of days. This is getting exciting and expensive. I know we got the money to invest it but wow I am not used to investing that much money. LOL

some updates.

After the magpie tried to come for breakfast on Sunday morning. This little guy came to visit on Monday night. 
I stepped on him going to close the back door and he hopped right on into the kitchen. 

We have been working on the flower bed in front of the house. Dug all the grass out and removed about 15 wheelbarrows full of dirt and debris and planted some plants. You can't see them they are just starts but they are there. I just hope they take off in the next week or so. I also need to get a bunch of river stones to cover the dirt.  I would like it to look a little better for our open house. 

This is what it looked like in April and till Wednesday night when we started ripping it out. 

While we are doing before and afters..... The laundry room that was a kennel before. 

And After!!!!

Took poor Mike 2 days to get the walls down and another day to haul it all away. 
Here is the other side. The long piece is a sink. it is full of plants right now but it will be perfect to use for cleaning vegetables to can. 
Here is the room that used to house the x-ray machine. Before.
And now it is our tiny guest room. Yes, Jet thinks he is a guest. LOL
I don't know why this looks like a mustard yellow on here it is actually a golden wheat color. 

One more thing. I couldn't figure out where to put all my cast iron pans. Well, I looked at pot racks and just didn't know if they would be strong enough. So my wonderful hubby built me this one. 

And here he is trying to hide. LOL

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunset Last night.

This was the sunset last night.

This morning, this little guy kept coming in my back door into the kitchen. Thought he was invited for breakfast or something. LOL