Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Starting to stress

Ok, so it has been a month and a half since I have actually deposited money in the bank instead of drawing it all out. I payed bills this week and that was a little weird because I usually pay bills after I get paid well I had no check. This is a little strange!!! I have been trying to console myself that there is an end to this madness and I will get used to this but it hasn't been working. Then I went and made our biggest purchase today. Now I am really stressed.We have as much money in the bank as we are supposed to have at this point but I have been going back over the numbers and driving myself crazy. (Like what is the very minimum that we need to process to meet all the bills) Everyone tells me not to worry that we will be fine, and my brain knows that. Just can't help it........ I will feel so much better when we are up and running.

Need to get used to paying all the bills at one time too. That is just weird, I am used to paying 1/2 at the beginning of the month and half in the middle. Really makes you think when you pay it all out at once. That may be easier in the long run but my mind is having a hard time doing that, after years of doing it the other way.

So yes I am stressing, most of it is self induced from my habits but it is still stress.

So I stress and I clean. Well with just me and Mike there isn't much to clean, laundry is all done, dusting is done, floors are spotless, Closets are organized. I have nothing left to clean!!!! I even cleaned the top of the fridge and freezer and they were clean when I started!!!

I think I need to go plant something that will make me feel better and goodness knows I have a lot to plant. LOL some of my trees are budding in my pantry.

As soon as my computer stuff gets straightened out, I will have some work to do on databases and that should help calm me down.

Then next week Austin will get here and Jed and Nichole for a while, and then Denise and the girls will be here. We will be busy and I will have a lot of cooking to do and that should help my mind. Then the shop should be open the week after. You would think that would cause me stress but that will be wonderful!!!!

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