Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Took some fun time.

Jed and Nicole came out to visit for 2 weeks and brought Austin out. We worked on the shop and got walls up and lights moved and some other stuff done. Then we played.

We went to the First people's buffalo jump state park and spent the day on Saturday. This is a place that the Indians used to run the buffalo over the edge of the cliffs to kill them before they had horses to hunt them down. There were hundreds of prairie dogs on the top and the view was awesome.

They say there are 30 to 40 feet of bones at the bottom cliffs.

The Rocky Mountain Front was a little hard to see that day because there was a lot of smoke from the fire on the other side. 

I guess if herds of buffalo ran over this rock and it didn't fall then a few people wouldn't knock it down.

The other side of the cliffs

 Then we went down to the interpretive center for a tee pee demonstration.

 Jed and Austin pulled all the stakes and took off the canvas.

Then Gavin unwrapped the rope holding all the poles together.

They spread the tee pee out and then it needed to be put back up.
They put the poles back up while Nicole wrapped the rope. 
Austin staked the rope down in the middle.

And they put the canvas back on.
There is just something about a tee pee on the open prairie.

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