Saturday, September 17, 2011

Got a picture

I have many times been caught without my camera. Couple weeks ago I missed a shot of a mountain lion. Also missed a shot of whitetails in our front yard because I didn't look out my bedroom window. Last week on the way to Great Falls I missed a shot of an eagle. Last night I missed a shot of an immature Bald Eagle down by the river. and tonight I took my camera with and the battery was almost dead. But this is what we saw.....
Kill Deer that built their nests on an island in the river.

A hawk flying overhead.

A nest on electric wires and By George what is in the nest?????

Yep I finally got a picture of an eagle.... Then my battery went dead!!!!!
Which is why the camera wouldn't focus correctly. :(

I put in my order for a new camera for Christmas. This camera worked good for what I needed it for but these wide open spaces begs for a higher quality camera. 

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