Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Where we are now.

Been a long time since I posted anything on our blog. Got thinking about it today and thought I needed to start again. A lot has changed for us but all for the better. Over the past few years we have been on an incredible journey. I sometimes wonder why somethings have happened then I look back and see the path as clear as a night sky.
A brief history of the past few years:
2012- opened my bakery in Fort benton and Mike was working at a Tire shop in town.
2013- July: closed the bakery and had jobs lined up in West Virginia. Didn't want to leave Montana but needed a reset I guess and needed to put some negative experiences behind us.
August: Ended up in North Carolina and found good jobs. Spent some time with Mike's sister and her girls.
2014- March: Took a trip back to montana to pick up the rest of our stuff.
May: Decided that we needed to do what we really wanted and be in Montana.
August: Moved back to Montana (sometime I will write a post of that trip. For now I'll just say it was memorable.) We stayed with a dear friend for a while till we got a 5th wheel. We both got jobs and decided we would be staying in the Helena area.
November- Rented a house that we considered buying.
2015- March: We lost our beagle Spot. Very sad day.
April: Adopted Reeses for a companion for Jet.
September: Found a piece of property that we liked and we were able to reach an agreement to buy it.
Now: We are living on our property. Completely off grid. This is what we always wanted to do and I will be blogging about our experience.
Some quick facts:
1. We live
      A. 6.5 miles up a dirt road
      B. 44 miles from our jobs
      C. 4400 feet above sea level
      D. 1.5 miles from the continental divide
2. We haul our water until we drill a well in the spring.
3. We have a solar panel set up for the little power we need. We have a generator for a back up.
4. We have a composting toilet.
5. We have a wood stove.
6. We are living in a 1960's 10x50 trailer with an addition for the winter. Planning on building a house in the spring.
7. We have a lot of work to do on our land.
8. The night sky is amazing without any light polution.
9. Bear, deer, elk, and squirrels roam our property. We hear coyotes calling from one mountain to the other. Eagles fly overhead.
10. WE LOVE IT!!!

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  1. hello beth and mike I love reading the journey you have taking of being off grid I wish I could tell the story of my journey like you have I am herb Russell another family thats on the home recue show I hope you check out my youtube channel before the show airs and yes a plan is something you have to have and make changes almost everyday I have been living off grid for a year now and loving it also been planing it out for almost 4 years its crazy that the first show was a family leaving PA and the secoud show was a family leaving Maryland to start the dream why im from Maryland and now live in PA anyways I hope all is well and wishing you and mike the best