Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Temporary housing....

Winter is on its way! We are cozy in our temporary home. We are living in a 1960's 10x50 house trailer with an addition. This is temporary and we have the plans done for our new house in the spring. It works for now and will keep us warm in the winter.

We have a compact home and this has shown me that a tiny house is not for me. :)

Here is half of our kitchen, complete with our water heater on top of the stove. We carry water and heat it on the stove. In the spring we will start to develop the spring that is on the property and if that dosn't provide enough water, we will drill a well. We have a battery operated shower that we recharge off the solar, so yes we bathe daily. :)

This is the other side of our kitchen and down the hallway past the pantry and bathroom to the bedroom.

Our dining area..... with not much storage area the open shelves become useful.

Our little living room and Jets favorite spot on the couch, hogging all the blankets.

It is cozy and home. And temporary!!!!! But we have lights they are LED automotive lights on 12 v. wiring in mason jars. It works wonderfully. Have learned that they are not good to read with, but they work for everything else.

We are planning on dropping the trees for the logs in the next few weekends. It will be a log frame underground house. Lots of sweat equity but warm and cozy and out of the wind.
Will post the plans as soon as I have some drawings of what it will look like.I have the plans now but they don't make a lot of sense to the naked eye.
Enjoy your family this month and remember all you are thankful for.

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