Monday, April 4, 2016

I've been contemplating starting a new blog. Been working on several different ways to go about it. Then I come back to here and say just work with what you got.
So I will be working on changing some stuff over the next few weeks and making my blog more active.
We have done a lot of work and had a lot of experiences over the last few months. So I will go month by month to catch you all up.

But first: We talked a little bit about the property we bought. I debated a lot on if I wanted to put pictures up before it was done or just the before and afters. Well I am going to show you what we started with and you can follow along with us on our journey.

Let me warn you that these pictures are of land that has been neglected for many years. Most of our woods looked like this.

We had a lot of stuff to clean up. The whole property needed to be raked and was covered with 6-8 inches of pine needles that had accumulated over stuff (car parts, trash, broken glass) and was like a mat. We are still working on that. 

There was stuff everywhere. There were also some "buildings" on the property. They were either trailers that were in very poor condition or they were a log frame with tarps and tin stretched over them. They were falling apart and some had fallen into a heap. 

There was one trailer with an addition that we fixed up to live in temporarily. 

We did a lot of work to it to even be able to live here temporarily. But it does have its benefits. 

There is also another landing that is higher then this place.

The place that we decided to put our house was occupied by 3 single wide trailers that were together under a roof to make one house. The roof leaked and everything was rat infested so they just need to go.

The view from our house location is great and will be better when we get everything cleaned up out front and some trees taken down that need to come down. 

Yes, this is a lot of work. Yes, we may be crazy. A lot of work has already happened and it looks a lot different now. They jury is still out on the extent of our craziness. 

Our plan is to have a house to live in, a real barn and a shop for Mike before fall. I'll keep posting our progress as we go. 

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