Monday, May 23, 2016

Destruction before construction
Due to the fact that there was a lot of junk and scrap buildings on our property, we needed to do a lot of destruction before we can even begin construction.  So tear down and burn it is. A lot of the buildings we just burnt in place.

This building was in the way of the place we want to put our house. So it had to come down. We couldn’t just burn it for several reasons.
  • We wanted to salvage some of the wood and metal.
  • We didn’t want that big of a fire and the risk of other things burning.
  • We needed to keep part of it for storage.

So we took it down and burnt the burnable stuff in pits that the neighbor came and dug for us.
It looks like a total mess right now but it is getting better.

This is now the front with the storage part still standing. Going to get some plants started out front now that most of the stuff is out of the way and we wont be hauling stuff over the beds. We still have about 3 loads of metal that the neighbor is picking up. 

Getting a better view of what my view will be when the house is in. A lot of the trees are coming down because they are damaged and are a fire hazard. 

We have also been raking and burning the years of pine needles that are everywhere.  Again it looks like a mess right now but there is progress. The thing with raking is that when you rake an area you end up with 3 piles. The burnable stuff, metal (car parts, nails, and many other things we have found), and trash that can’t be burnt like glass.

Our past 2 months have been taken up with all of this cleanup effort.  We did make a trip to PA for Emily’s graduation. We are very proud of her and her new title of RN!!
We got to spend some time with family and friends for a few days and then headed home.
On the way we had the opportunity to see a baby antelope that had just been born. Little guy was just figuring out how to use his legs.

We are now back to work and starting to work on building. Going to be a long busy summer.


  1. Thank you for sharing your life's journey, Beth!

  2. We have gotten to see "first hand" how hard all of you have worked on the property. You have made an incredible amount of progress!