Saturday, June 18, 2016

Our home, the set of a show.

Back in November, Mike saw an ad on line that was looking for people that had gone off grid. I sent an email just as a whim although I didn’t think anything would come of it. They were looking for people who could use help in getting an off-grid homestead established. They wanted to do a show where they would provide you with things you needed. We got a reply, then did a couple of phone calls, sent in some videos, did a few skype calls and still didn’t think it would lead anywhere.

Well it did and in February they came for 2 weeks to shoot the episode, and last night we watched it at a friend’s house.  It was a very interesting experience. Having 15 people milling around for 2 weeks when it is usually just the 2 of us… Interesting is the word.  Being fitted with a microphone every day when you have personal space issues is not fun. J (But the crew was awesome) Needing to turn off said microphone when you need to have a phone conversation with work. Knowing that every personal conversation you have is being heard by someone. Leaving my home to go to work with all those people there. Not a very comfortable time for us, but fun.

Then last night we watched it and the whole time friends were texting me saying that is not the real me. Well that is me, just edited.  Except for one thing….. I am not a dreamer, I am a planner. The difference between dreams a plans is goals and deadlines. The fact of the matter is that we have plans and we accomplish the plans that we make. We are always adjusting the plans. That is what you do but you make a plan, otherwise how do you know where you are going.

Our son and his family live here now and the plans have changed. Not drastically but they have changed. We have been working our plan. That is what you do.  

So if you’re wondering if it is worth it. Yeah, we planned on carrying water till May and it saved us 3 months of hauling water and the expense of the tank. We got stuff growing earlier then we could have.

If you are thinking about doing a show like this my advice is to not do it unless you have a sense of humor. In this age of social media, people think they know things and believe everything. So if you can’t read someone posting their opinion without taking it personally, don’t do it. Reading the comments on line just make me laugh. People that know us, know us, and that doesn’t change.  They know we had livestock for over 10 years,  we grew all of our own vegetables, we hunt, we fish for food and we know how to do stuff. They know that we have always worked.  I currently work all week in town and yes I drive an hour each way.  We then work all weekend on our land. We have done a lot of work in the 9 months we have been here and we have a lot to do and the summer isn’t forever.

That being said…I am off to work on bear proofing our livestock feed. We have a bear that is making a pest of himself. He is getting in the feed almost every night. He doesn’t eat it all just dumps it over, takes a snack and moves on. He has also stopped up to our house a couple of times and tried to get into our freezer on the porch that we use as a refrigerator, he visits a neighbor about a mile away as well, but has been more destructive there. I am starting to wonder if he thinks white chest freezers are his personal lunch bucket. Nothing we have tried has worked so far so again we adjust the plan and keep going.

Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. I watched it and kept yelling at the people that were helping you guys. "That's my niece you're talking about" "Well that's the Hess in her" were some of my remarks I made. Now I'll definitely keep watching it. -Phil Hess-

  2. Well, we love all you guys no matter what a dumb show might have portrayed. You have been awesome friends and neighbors, and I wish the show would have shown a bit of that. But, tv seems to make its own "reality." Too bad America won't see all the incredibly hard work you put into the property. Plus, I think you have a lot more "real life" knowledge than the shows hosts. I say, "Start your own reality series!" Just watching you teach Dave to can will be hilarious!

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